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Advice for
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A blog where I'm literally talking to myself... a lot.
– Patima Tantiprasut.

It’s been four weeks since Mixin, one of the most exciting, rewarding but also intense adventures of your life. After almost two weeks in Sydney and a week in Melbourne so far, the heart rate is finally coming back down to normal and you’re starting to feel like yourself again. This pace, at your resting heart rate, is just what you needed to find again.

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Good design, bad design. What is design even?

One of the questions that I get asked regularly is, “What’s the difference between good design and bad design?”. I prefer to answer this question by first asking another question;

What do you believe design is?

Interestingly, I find that a lot of people struggle to define what they believe design actually is. In fact, dear reader, take a quick moment right now to answer it yourself! What do you think?

Time management: they tell me it’s a skill

In previous posts, I’ve written about the amount of projects and responsibilities that I currently have in my life and have mentioned that time management was key to any of this being at all possible.

Well actually; time management with the addition of knowing my limits.

Loops and venns of life, happiness and fulfilment

You’re currently at yet another crossroads where you’re finding yourself limited by both time and energy. There are simply not enough hours in the day and too many people relying on you to be able to do it all and keep everyone pleased along the way. The candle is beginning to burn at both ends and before something gives, it’s time to re-assess what you will prioritise.

Design is just like making a tasty lasagne

You had a bit of a thought the other day while trying to explain to a colleague why design thinking, and at the crux of it, design principles, really matter.

When going through a tertiary institution learning this foundation theory, it’s easy to skim over it and think “oh, that’s nice, but when can we start doing the real stuff?”.