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Could you just up and leave, worry-free?

Dear 25 year old me,

Yet again, you blink and months have passed on by. It’s already mid-March and a lot has happened. It’s now time to reflect and reset before you keep forging forward.

January was a hundred percent about getting everything ready before heading off for a four week holiday in February. You find yourself doing an extra month in advance to make sure that things don’t skip a beat while you’re away. It’s times like this when you realise just how many things you’re really involved with and how many people and teams rely on you.

Doing the pre-holiday cram and plan was a great chance to take stock and re-evaluate. You mostly just power on forward and upwards, like a bull on a mission, so could there ever be a time that you’d admit that you might be doing too much?

Maybe this time, you’d need to delegate – more than you’ve ever delegated before – to get things done.

So let’s take stock.

What were the responsibilities that were stopping you from simply up and leaving, without a woe?

Work: the day to day at Bam Creative

For both your clients and your team, you going on leave was going to impact them. They’re relying on you, daily, to make sure that projects continue without a hiccup and that the scheduling boards are full. All of the work for January and February needed to be anticipated and confirmed before the end of the month, and that’s what was done.

Netball, kickboxing & frisbee

You love your social sports & fitness! Turns out you do a fair bit to make sure that this fun is in your life. Of course, being away you needed to get fill-ins arranged for you and others, game times and payment rosters communicated, and equipment handed over. All of this, for all your four netball teams.

You also wanted to make sure that the equipment was handed over to your frisbee crew too so that games could continue while you were away.

Unfortunately, kickboxing couldn’t continue in your absence, but you still needed to make sure didn’t forget to tell everyone!

Community things

Being quite active in the web community, there were some side projects and workshops that you had committed to for your friends over at Fenders. These projects needed to continue to tick along, but some pre-planning was really needed for this.

Your recent appointment to the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) national committee meant that you had duties that you were responsible for. Meetings and calls needed to be had so that you could make sure that you were doing your part and things progressed while you were abroad.


January was a crucial time during the Mixin conference organisation journey, so it was important that tasks were simultaneously rolling on and nothing would stall while you were away. A few critical meetings and agreed tasklists formed ensured that we were on track for the event planning.

More on my experiences thus far with Mixin, Fenders and AWIA in future posts… (adds to the list).

Phew! Well, that covered the big stuff at least.

It doesn’t seem like too much when it’s summarised like that, but it’s no surprises that the theme that runs through it is that you spend a lot of time organising people, projects and activities.

In case you’re wondering, the holiday was great! You went to Thailand and Taiwan, and happily didn’t need to worry about any of the above things while you were away because the talented people in your life and projects were more than capable – and willing – to take on the responsibility in your absence.

Teapot Mountain, Taiwan

You ate, you drank, you tried new experiences, saw new things and met new people. Oh, the stories from these great memories – they’ve filled a chapter in a book. Life is great.

The question that’s running now through my mind at the moment is; what is it, or why is it, that you are involved in all of these projects and activities? You wouldn’t be doing anything that you didn’t love, or didn’t believe in, so perhaps it’s a good chance to re-visit your “why” and how these projects fit in this roadmap.

Truth be told, there didn’t seem to be a foreseeable future that involves a day where you could just up and leave without things just crashing down. Now, however, this doesn’t seem like such a far-out concept anymore – perhaps you simply need to allow yourself to disconnect. Perhaps.

You, of course, wouldn’t be doing anything that you didn’t love, or didn’t believe in, so perhaps it’s a good opportunity now to re-visit your “why” and how these projects fit in this roadmap.

“If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time.” – Unknown.

For now, time to go challenge yourself in a different way with some Sunday rockclimbing.

Adios, kiddo! Until next time.