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A few good men

Dear 25 year old me,

Today Bam Creative enters teenhood after 13 years of business. It’s been a long time in the making, but I couldn’t be prouder to say that this blog post is dedicated to one very awesome gentleman, Miles Burke.

You don’t know it yet at 25 years young, kiddo, but this one man has a massive impact on your career and life.

After having been through some amazing journeys this year; enjoying accolades, career growth and life changing experiences, it’s without a doubt that there are many people to thank along the way. You’ve met so many women recently who have not been supported at all however – in fact, they’ve had to struggle to prove their worth, and this is terribly saddening.

You’ve been so lucky to not have to experience any of these barriers to career growth, and wish that these wonderful women had a guy like Miles in their lives.

About Miles.

This guy is your business partner, your mentor, your friend.

You’ve loyally stuck by him since your interview for the web designer role that fine Friday afternoon over a decade ago, and for very good reason. He’s believed in you and supported you, through thick and thin, since day one.

This is a guy that you have undeniable respect for. He is smart, he is creative and he is inspiring. He is hardworking but in the same breath, he also knows how to have (a lot) of fun.

Miles is someone who empowers those around him to be the best that they can be, and he’s brought out the best in you. He’s never once made you feel like you were not capable. Not once made you feel like you couldn’t do something that you put your mind to, regardless of background or gender.

You’re the luckiest girl in the world to have such a supportive and empowering mentor in your life.

So Miles, if you’re reading this, saying thank you is not enough to show the right amount of appreciation. I heart Bam Creative greatly, but the truth is, I heart your friendship even more. Thanks for everything, buddy.

Here’s to another decade of awesome.