Mash the dog

Another week of my life. Gone or lived?

Dear 25 year old me,

Wasn’t that a little deep for a Wednesday evening post title? Well kiddo, life gets pretty precious when it feels like you blink and a whole week has gone past.

When you start constantly feeling like ‘Wow, that week went quick… what did I do?’, it’s possibly time to start taking stock because; what DID you do?

This week has been a whirlwind.

A red eye flight back to Perth from your first time seeing snow and straight to work; a designer meet up event; late night awards entries; project catch ups, design approvals, new projects kicked off; a netball semi finals; elected and inducted into my first national committee (the Australian web industry association); an invitation to speak at a conference; an invitation to sit on a panel, hired a new team member; and our best friend, Mash, went in for her third knee surgery…

Well, that’s the main stuff off the top of my head at least.

Back to the question of the night, “has this week gone on by or was it lived?”.

Well, currently feeling pretty proud of this week’s diversity of tasks and achievements. Most importantly though, and the only focus for the next four weeks is not career, nor awards, nor any form of work; it’s family.

Mash is a true inspiration; a positive soul that only knows love and appreciation for life. She doesn’t understand disappointment or resentment, she only cares about living life to the max. The only thing that truly matters now is that she gets the proper care and rehabilitation.

So yes, this week was a one of prioritising the most important things in life. Indeed, and without a doubt, it certainly feels lived.