Burn bright but don’t burn out

Dear 25 year old me,

I’m writing this post from the lovely Busselton, Western Australia, on a one week break.

The process to prep everything so that work was ready for my departure was so intense, honestly, at the time it almost never feels worth taking a holiday at all. I feel like this just before taking any break away from work. It’s an absolute mission.

When you have both your clients and team relying on you to ensure that decisions are made, projects moving forward, direction and briefs provided, and to make sure that everyone is updated on the plans so that there aren’t any nasty surprises, it’s a huge mountain to climb before even considering packing the bags.

Even as fantastic as your clients are and how awesome and reliable your team are too, these are responsibilities that will never cease for you. Not to mention that it’ll be a massive mountain waiting for you when you come back too, not matter how prepped you were. Ha! Is it easiest to just give up and stay?

It’s not all that bad though, kiddo. Let me tell you now to keep climbing!

Taking this break is just what the doctor ordered.

It’s these pauses in work life that give you a much needed recharge – obviously – and prevent you from burning out. You’re like a computer that hasn’t been restarted in a while. While you can keep going, the processes are perhaps running slower and less efficiently than they’re capable of.

By stepping away and just allowing yourself to reset and recharge, you’re powering yourself up to come back energised and refreshed, ready with a spark and spring in your step.

As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Rewarding yourself with breaks means that you can keep loving and being passionate about what you do.

The other brilliant thing is that you’ve worked hard to create a positive culture of teamwork, actively encouraging the team to step up. Every time you do go on leave, you can confidently trust that they can handle it. I’m proud to say that you’re surrounded by capable, talented and reliable people.

You’re a lucky girl, kiddo. Apparently some managers feel they can’t trust their team enough to ever leave the office. That’s crazy. Please don’t ever let yourself be that gal.

It’s work-life balance 101.

The best news? At this age, you’ve started to really appreciate Chardonnay (I can imagine your beer loving self pull a face already). Some of your best ideas spark from some good ol’ cheese and chardy, so you’re certainly onto a winner from picking a down south retreat as your holiday destination!

Speaking of, it’s time to taste some of these amazing whites. Until next time.

Love from,

Patima x