Swirl to a window

Digital: like a unicorn riding a rainbow

Dear 25 year old me,

It’s that time of year again when you’re invited along to attend a plethora of industry events to meet the future: it’s design graduate exhibition time!

Design! Food! Drinks! 3/4 of your favourite things in one place even if you are on a two week drinking ban (more on this later)…

Although these portfolio showcases are often about rewarding, nay, celebrating the students for their years of dedication and hard work completing their creative degrees or diplomas – potentially with the stand out graduates landing internships or jobs on the spot – it’s often you that walks away from the event feeling on the highest of highs.

That oh-so-familiar giddy feeling again…

The surreal moment, when on the cusp of leaving student-life to enter the industry as a real, paid-for-what-you-love-doing, designer. They’ve reached a massive milestone and simply can’t wait to leap into the loving arms of the industry.

Pure creativity, untainted passion and butterflies that make you feel weightless – this is love.

As you look around and see these bright, excited eyes, so very proud of their work and keen to hear tales of the real world, you can’t help but embrace being lifted by the energy in the room.

These events always have you walking away with both your face and heart beaming with a smile – beautiful, albeit raw, design without fail, always makes you feel this way.

There were only a handful of digital designers that graduated from tonight’s showcase and often, you wonder why that is. In an age that’s comfortably immersed in digital, what is it about pursuing digital design that students steer shy of?

If someone were to ask, “What’s so great about digital design?”, the answer would come with a hop, step and a jump from over here! *pick me, pick me!*

As a personal opinion, digital design is like a unicorn riding a rainbow into space, meeting with it’s best mate, T-Rex, then having a dinner party on saturn and the milky way providing an endless supply of soft serve icecream for dessert.

I promise I haven’t had a drink…

For those already in a digital space, you’ll know that it’s a vision that can be realised both literally and metaphorically. *Sets task as a challenge*

With the digital world, there are really no limits.

Even perceived limits can be manoeuvred around and negotiated with enough experience and creativity applied.

Digital design can of course go beyond a concept. Designing for a digital platform means that the opportunity for communication can be delivered (far) beyond a flat visual. An experience – a truly engaging one – can be created through interaction, sound, movement, transitions or all of the above. It can make for some sweet, wholesome storytelling.

One could go so far as to say that digital design can, quite literally, breathe life into a concept. What a beautiful thought.

Now, enough words – it’s time to do. Design, I’ll never stop loving you.


Love from,
Patima x