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Done is definitely better than perfect

Dear 25 year old me,

There are many lessons that you’re going to learn over these next epic years of your life, but one that you’re going to struggle understanding is that ‘done, is better than perfect’.

You see, I know that your perfectionist self is currently thinking, “Well that’s a cop out, why do anything at all if you’re not going to give it 100%?”.


Exhibit A: starting a blog. This process has taken you 8 years to finally launch. You know why? You were always worried about how it would look, how your writing would need much thought and work, and what amazing photography you would use to accompany every post.

You’re missing the point though, and I’m going to give you this pearler. Blogs don’t have to be works of art – but just to be clear (so you don’t think I’ve completely lost my mind) nor should they ever have a reason to be ugly – they just need to have kickass content.

So here it is. Blog installed tonight, first post going up in 2 mins, and it’s the default install theme. Boom. Take that.

Yes, I know you’re designer self can’t stand what I’m proposing – that lazy, crazy future me… what is she thinking?! I get it, but when you have negative time like you do now, you’d better get to it. Add the flourishes later – that’s the fun bit. Trust me, future self will enjoy these kinds of fun things eventually!

Just fricken hop onto it. Stop delaying. Stop procrastinating.

Try. Assess. Learn. Adapt.

If it fails, seriously, it’s fine. You gave it a crack, put yourself out there and if it fizzles, you can move onto the next thing. The world you end up living in is much, much faster paced than the one you’re in now, so you don’t have the luxury to dilly dally.

Yep, at this age you start saying things like “dilly dally”. Enjoy x


Love from,