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Full power cycle required: 7 ways to reset

Dear 25 year old me,

I’m back! It’s a new year and yes, you haven’t heard from me in a while. The end of 2015 was a blur, but that’s no excuse really.

The truth is, Decembers are still a tough month for you. This year staying busy to keep your mind off everything just didn’t cut it – it seems you’ve hit a new level of responsibility-fatigue.

A lot of people criticise new year’s resolutions for their novelty and admittedly, I was always quietly one of them, because why would anyone force themselves to wait for a certain, seemingly meaningless date to start or stop doing something that they truly wanted to?

That’s until this latest festive break.

1.5 weeks where I allowed myself to rest and reset. In fact, I didn’t just go into sleep or power-save mode, it was a full power cycle.

Forget those bootcamps – we’re going for the reboot!

Perhaps it’s not a new year’s resolution but rather a new year’s reset.

I finally feel weightless again (not literally, due to the endless Christmas feasts!) and feel free to let the ideas flow without hesitation.

Why is it that we so quickly, and willingly, turn that idea tap off instead of simply putting the brakes on that manic sprint pace more often? Has being creative turned into a luxury instead of a goal?

Well kiddo, that pause was exactly what you needed to get back on track again. It’s forced you to step out of the tunnel-vision and breathe some fresh air. Allowing yourself to open the door to ideas and accepting that being creative isn’t a luxury, it’s who you are. It’s what makes you “Patima”.

Without creativity, you’re simply just exercising your skills, but is it worth it if you’re not being all that you can be?


Perhaps it’s not a new year’s resolution but rather a new year’s reset.

We should talk about that responsibility-fatigue too because you’re going to experience plenty of it when you take more control of your career.

Let’s clarify – it’s not about being overwhelmed or overworked, or even too busy – these things are all manageable. It’s more about being involved in situations where others are relying on you. This reliance can come in many forms; whether it be for tasks, decisions, experience, positivity, direction, friendship, fun, mentorship, success, employment… everything… even energy.

You can see how that could be pretty draining after a while, no matter how willing and eager you are to keep giving.

When your reserves start depleting, it’s truly time to have that power-cycle. How? Here are 7 ways that helped me over this most recent break.

1. Mother nature

Nevermind the weather – head to the beach, take your shoes off and at the very least, take a stroll along the shore.

2. Don’t make any plans

You can’t truly just go with the flow and start anything new or different if you have somewhere to be in a few hours’ time, right?

3. Go with the flow

As per point #2, just go with it – you’ve got nowhere to be! That canvas that you were waiting to add paint to? Do it! That spring-clean to declutter your wardrobe? Why not! That coffee invitation from a friend who you haven’t seen for a while? You guessed it; go!

4. Sleep

If you think you’ve slept enough, you haven’t. Following on from point #2 – if you’re tired, reward your body for letting you know – it’s OK to go and have a nap. The worst that can happen? You’ll feel rested…

5. Nourish

It goes without saying that it’s a great time to get back into good habits and give your body some royal treatment. You’re no longer rushing around from place to place and you have this amazing gift of time back. Eat well, hydrate and look, go and have that bath you never usually have time for.

Use that beautiful body scrub that you’ve been saving for a special occasion and put Alanis on that playlist. Yes – this is a critical step…

6. Sweat it out

Yes! Beloved workouts and activities to get those idle, computer-frozen muscles loosened up again. Any pent up stress left, even after the first five steps are all done? Kickboxing circuit. You know what to do.

7. Make plans

Sounds like I’m contradicting myself already, right? Relax, I’m not going senile just yet. The truth is, once you’ve done a successful reset (after hopefully repeating the steps above quite a few times over), there’ll need to be a point where your priorities will need a reset as well.

You no longer have tunnel-vision for the tasks in front of you and have given some space to see the big picture ahead. Your perspective has likely changed and you’re probably ready to reclaim and start protecting your time again.

Bust out the calendar and start reserving time for the important things – and that includes “you time”! The other stuff? Well if it doesn’t fit, it’ll just have to wait in line.

Try not to leave it a whole year before your next reset, kiddo.

Happy new year!

Until next time…


Patima x