Sad Puppy

Hello, client. Goodbye, client.

Dear 25 year old me,

You always dread receiving that email saying that your contact is leaving from a business or organisation that you’ve worked with for years. 9/10 times they’ll get in touch from their new place of employment and we start our professional relationship again, which is wonderful.

Unfortunately, though, there’s no rose without the thorns.

Probably 7/10 times when there’s a new contact that’s come on board to replace a previous one that you’ve built a trusting working relationship with for so many years, they’re often very keen to make a big impact right out of the gates and they need their own trusted strategist/designer/marketer alongside them to help with this.  

So where does that leave you if they already have this to-be-expected rapport with someone else? 

What if part of the plan for their impact statement is that someone needs to be thrown under the bus… change: for the greater good…? Fresh approach? New ideas?

Let me say, it’s not a great position to be on the receiving end for. 

No matter how many years of understanding and experience you have of the business/organisation and their audience, or how good your ideas are, or even how great your work is; you have to prove all of it again – and in a very short amount of time.

Of course, none of this is ever spoken about. You’re invited to provide a quote for a redesign for the sake of process, but it feels like being asked to run an egg and spoon race but where the competition are given their egg glued to the spoon.

We’re back to square one with this relationship. Going steady: a distant memory…

It’s not an uncommon occurrence but rarely spoken about.

In these moments, the wind feels stolen from your sails in these moments. All that time, heart and energy investment, ready to be filed away as a past project. The big step is to allow for the emotion to be taken out of the equation and to move onto quickly – even if it’s a client that you really, genuinely care about.

Swings and roundabouts, right? It’s just the way things go. Sometimes you’re on the other side of it and other times, you’re on the receiving end of the deal.

It’s life. Nay, it’s just business.

Sometimes doors close so that others can open. Onwards!

Patima x