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Challenge accepted: launching a new design for the May 1st Reboot

Dear 25 year old me,

Well, here it is! One year since your first post, your blog is finally wearing a new suit. You made a little promise to yourself to commit to a solid and consistent year of posting words first before embarking on the design, so here we are.

The May 1st Reboot initiative was the perfect reason to help set an incentive and a deadline for it. What an awesome idea.

It was a process that included a lot of wins, many losses, self-doubt, growth, challenge, insecurity and little rewards along the way. All in all, it’s been an awesome journey.

I particularly loved the thinking behind it.

#May1Reboot is for the love of design, for the passion of play and commitment to our community.
May 1st Reboot

Hell yeah!

Everything about this sings to me.

Today, I submitted this very site. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish everything that was on my hit-list, but I’m pleased that I hit the majority of the MVP (in startup speak, that’s minimal viable product) items in time for it.

May 1st Reboot

Your perfectionist-self was screaming to not submit it in such an unfinished state, but it was a great exercise in learning to let go and to learn to be happy with what you’ve done. Letting go of the fear that you’ll be judged for this one design, and the code behind it all (which I’ll openly admit is definitely not great), especially after not being on the tools for so long, needed to be overcome.

There’s no way I could have gotten it done without help either. The biggest thanks go out to the following people who kindly helped along the way.

Daniel Brouse

To my awesome housemate, Brouse, who got me all set up with MAMP and base theme that meant I could hit the ground running. He was also my sanity checker (and keeper) as I was trying to troubleshoot through the issues as I was getting familiarised with the tools again. I can’t describe how appreciative I am for his time and help, even though he was flat out with his own work. Thanks, Brousey!

David Thomas

To DT, my trusty (everything) support and an all round awesome guy! Thank you for getting me all sorted with my install and WP advice to get things hooked up and looping properly along the way! Thanks, DT!

Mandy Michael

To Mandy, who after a (gin+vodka fuelled) night out with me had to endure my trying to describe a cool thing that I was trying to do using only CSS. Yes, we talk about solving CSS things when we’re out drinking, just for fun – Not. Even. Kidding. Not only was it great to chat about what I had in mind with her so that I could verbally troubleshoot, she then (like the legend she is) sent me a pen of her giving it a crack the following morning. It was pretty much bang-on and probably saved me hours of trial and error. Thanks, Mandy!

Teegan Lincoln

To Teegan, who also hopped into codepen and created some legend-level experiments after I mentioned a crazy interaction that I was wanting to bring to life. I haven’t added it in yet, but thanks to Teegan, I now have confirmation that what I was thinking was possible. Can’t wait to apply it during phase two!

Thank you to everyone else who supported and encouraged me along the way as well.

What amazing people you have in your life, kiddo. These ones are keepers.

Another post to follow expanding out on how you set your MVP items, what’s left to go, and the hurdles you had to jump and conquer along the way.

For now, well done you – time for a pat on the back and taking the time to soak in what you’ve achieved during this last fortnight. Blog redesigned!



Me x