Benches in Autumn

Leaving the road most travelled

Dear 25 year old me,

When you start out in the industry, there are no surprises that you’re brimming with enthusiasm – uncontainable excitement about the future and how you’re going to make a huge difference. It’s not uncommon at all. I see a similar genuine giddy-ness in the students and interns that I meet.

It definitely puts a smile on my face.

I know that currently, I’m speaking to a very starry eyed version of you. You’re ‘confident’, but your confidence only exists within a safe bubble that some might refer to as a comfort zone.

For some people, this is a comfortable place to be (thus the name, right?), but for you – once you realise what possiblilities are in the beyond – that’s when you’ll truly begin to grow.

You literally should not, nay, cannot stop learning. The thing is, learning opportunities come in many different ways; sure there are endless courses and tutorials out there but I’ve found that it’s people that you learn the most from. 

People have endless stories of their experiences, brimming with talent and inspirational advice that you can learn from, but take it as just that – a learning experience – and always remember that everyone has had different life experiences which have shaped them into the people that they’ve become. Also understand that although you’re on a similar path, this is just a temporary common road shared where you’ll eventually need to depart to pursue your own journey.

The key word here is ‘shared’. It’s indeed a shared experience so even though this wise person you’re walking beside may have been down this road before, embrace and be proud of the fact that they’re learning from you as much as you are learning from them.

You see, kiddo, you have plenty of perspective to share too. The sooner the realise this, the sooner you can find the confidence to start searching for your own pathway and leave the road that others a walking on.

There are people that you look up to, your mentors in life and in business, but one day, you know in your heart that you’ve outgrown them. You have your own purpose to fulfil.

It’s at this point where you should start seeking your own path. Don’t wait for the perfect one either – walk down a few, meet new people, learn something from each path and eventually, you’ll find one that’s perfectly yours.

This is your journey and you’re the only person who’ll experience it this way.. ever.


Love from,

Patima x