Tree in the sea

Life things; sometimes they just don’t go to plan.

Dear 25 year old me,

What happens when you fall off the horse? That’s right zoolander, you simply get back on it! Yes, you naughtily skipped last week’s blog post because you got distracted working on other things, even though you had made a promise to stick to Wednesday blog post day.

Initially you were quite disappointed in yourself. It was scheduled in your calendar, reminder and all; you had committed to sticking to it, so why didn’t you? You had put aside time specifically for this goal, prioritising it as a weekly task, knowing that it was something that you wanted to dedicate time to. Yet only two months into the process, you’ve failed. The self-punishing thoughts escalated quickly.

What can you do?

Well, it’s happened now – you made a choice to give your attention to other priorities and if that’s what you needed to do, then so be it. There’s no one else to blame. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for the choices that you make. You’re only human and you can only do the best that you can in the┬ásituations you’re presented with.

You can’t turn back time so rather than linger in any negative and unproductive thoughts, you must deal with it, learn from it and move on.

It’s alright kiddo; sometimes things don’t go to plan. That’s life. You’re not the only person this happens to.

What can you do when things don’t go to plan?

  1. Take a step back to see the whole situation
  2. Reflect on what occurred, but only for enough time to understand what happened and why
  3. Let yourself scrunch your nose up slightly for that split second
  4. Take responsibility for what you can
  5. Learn what you can from the experience and adapt for next time
  6. Let it go and move on.

How to figure out the time ratio to reflection based on the impact it has on your life:

Ask yourself, “Will this situation impact you in one years’ time?”
If yes, give it 2 minutes thought.
If no, which is the more likely scenario, give it 30 seconds.

Scale up from there.
Love from,
Patima x