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Social media – she’s alright.

Dear 25 year old me,

I know that you wanted to resist joining as much as possible because it seemed like *everyone* was doing it and you’re certainly not one to follow a fad. Turns out though, it’s going to be a platform that you end up gaining a lot from.

Don’t be cautious like me and instead hop onto them as soon as you discover them.

They’re free to join and you don’t have to do something with them straight away – at least check them out for now.

Interestly, you’ll gain a lot of UI and UX learnings from them – ripe for the case study pickings.

Here’s how they’ll help you professionally.

One day you’re going to get an invite from a work colleague asking you to join this new online thing called Facebook. You have a quick peek in and see this strange online thing and think, ‘work is flat out and I’m way too busy for this’.

Well listen, turns out Facebook actually turns into a multi bazillion dollar idea. More than that though, it becomes an integral marketing tool for business. Write that down, kiddo.

It doesn’t stop at FB though. Keep your keen eye out for Twitter and LinkedIn – you’re going to like them.

You see, these platforms started off being for people to use on a personal level but it quickly became evident that it was catching like wildfire – we discovered that people were yearning to connect with each other and the potential for B2C communication naturally emerged.

You see, similar to how having a website for business is a no-brainer in your time, social media has, in this day, become an integral part of helping businesses connect on a totally different level with their users today.

So… this begins the personification of brands.

More on this juicy topic soon, kiddo!

Love from,

Patima x