Live gig for all girl band Jonas

The story of a Perth all girl band

Waking up to a tweet mentioning that you were literally being featured on the radio was pretty exciting! (Thanks to Gemma Sidney for bringing it to my attention!).

A blast from the past

This morning, RTRFM featured a band that I played in during my teenage til early 20s years, Jonas, during their “The Land That Time Forgot” segment. It’s amazing that they found anything on us at all, to be honest – it was so long ago.

Frankly, I myself had even forgotten it, let alone “the land”. It truly felt like a lifetime ago. Gigging 3-4 times a week, rehearsals, touring, recording… the works.

Ross Chisholm tried his utmost best to tell our story with what little info he had and there were so many questions… no surprises there! Also, bless his socks for actually pronouncing my name correctly!

It was cringe-worthy, but thrilling, all at the same time to hear songs that you had written being played on the radio.

Here’s the podcast that I make references to in this most unexpected post: http://rtrfm.com.au/story/the-land-that-time-forgot-jonas/

All girl band from Perth, Jonas

Filling in the blanks…

Firstly, can really only respond from my perspective, so just a note that I’m not speaking on behalf of the girls.

I joined the band at the fresh age of 17 years old – not even old enough to be able to enter most of the venues that we were playing gigs at so I had to be escorted in by security, carting in my Laney stack and guitars, and then straight out again to wait for the girls to finish the bar rider… my, how things changed once I turned 18!

So Ross starts off with introducing our first EP, “‘if the shoe fits” and plays a track off it called “Conceptual Change” – I had totally forgotten about this song. Actually, clean forgotten it. The girls had already written 4/5 songs by the time I joined the band, and this was one of them. My, how fun was distortion :)

He mentions that it was a time where we seemed to be trying to find our sound, and he was 100% correct. We all came from such diverse musical backgrounds and tastes, it took us a little while to create a sound that was finally, “Jonas”.

Ross – a note that I appreciate that you would have listened to all those tracks to choose what to play… oh dear!

Nope, we weren’t part of a set scene

The Perth music industry was awesome to be part of and we were lucky to play at so many different venues and with really varying line-ups. Wow, there were so many… Here’s a list for you, Ross!

  • Loo-weeze de’Ath
  • Hyperdrive
  • Josivac
  • Liquid Lounge
  • The Automasters
  • Wendy House
  • Fourth Floor Collapse
  • Rollerskates
  • The Fergusons
  • Tragic Delicate
  • Subject to Flooding
  • Mr Miagi
  • Scout
  • Bystander
  • The Wire Complex
  • The Plastik Scene
  • Blanch Dubois
  • Sweet Ordeal
  • Macano
  • Women in Docs
  • Heavy Metal Champ
  • Birds of Toyko (yep, I’ll just casually drop that in there…) :)


Band Posters

Had to dig out my box of band posters from the archives – wow!

Sorry to all the ones that I’ve missed on the list – will keep adding to it over time.

That cassette from 2001…

Yes, it’s floating around somewhere, isn’t it. Let’s leave it there haha.

“Little Feet”

Hearing songs that you’ve written being played on the radio is the strangest!

This little track from the “You Can’t Buy it Duty Free” EP was one of the first I brought to the set list and was when we were getting more into our acoustic sound but still experimenting with structures and style – a lot!

My Maton is still one of my best friends…

Jonas playing live at Mojos Bar

The hiatus?

Ross mentioned that there seemed to be months between gigs, which I can’t really recall. It felt like we were playing all the time. We were either studying or working full time (or both), it was starting to take its toll with mid-week gigs, rehearsals, and various residencies.

We seemed to be at Mojos, Amplifier, Grosvenor and Rosemount a lot! We also did have a VERY random gig at Prix Di’Amore, Rose Porteous’ mansion, for a charity event. Now, that was unforgettable!

Jonas - Perth All Girl Band

Jonas playing at Prix D’Amore

We were still writing

And yes… ah, Sleeptalking. It was a long time and lots of hard work recording this album.

Ross was so right about us finding our sound by this time.

“When we speak”

“When we speak” was a song that I was pretty unsure for a long time as to whether I was going to bring it to Jonas or not, mainly because it was so personal, but when I did eventually bring it to rehearsals one night it sounded so much better that what I had imagined in mind.

I knew it definitely needed to have toms big time, which Drummer Kate nailed, but it was Jem’s beautiful silky voice that did the song so much justice, and I’m so glad that we were able to play and record it.

It was also an album which we all contributed to much more and we started to develop more lights and shades.

But… by the time we got to the launch, we were exhausted and truly needed a break. We were so proud of where we had gotten, but life’s priorities had changed.

Nope, there’s no huge breakup story or dramas that unfolded, we were just fatigued at trying to do all-the-things in life all at the same time.

There were careers and there were families, and although we did want to do it all, we all went our separate ways.

We still all have music in our lives in some way, some more than others, but we’re just not doing the shows. I look back with the fondest of memories of those times.

Thanks so much to Ross & Caitlin for taking us on that journey again.

Who knows, maybe we’ll do a reunion show one day? :)