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Ten years webbed in the web – Part One

Dear 25 year old me,

Last week, you hit a pretty big milestone in your career. 10 years at Bam Creative – hip hooray!

You’ve officially survived over a dozen years in the web industry; the type of industry where you blink and something huge has possibly changed. When you first started out, there was no way any one could have predicted what it’s become today.

Ten years. Time really has zoomed on by.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reflect on how the landscape has changed in this time!

When you were studying at university, it all seemed like a simpler time. Website design was: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, PHP, mySQL, CSS… mash together and voila, website! Your biggest testing hurdles were for IE6, IE for Mac and Netscape.

What else was happening in this time?

– Web standards and thoughts of accessibility were just gaining traction
– People were accessing the internet via dial up
– Zip disks. Zip drives.
– Rewritable CD-Rs
– Your SLR took film
– 40GB iPods with COLOUR SCREENS

You owned a Nokia something-or-other which had a browser icon that you didn’t dare click on for fear of the exorbitant mobile phone bills to follow…

Ah.. the good old days.

Obviously, a lot has happened since then. Internet is everywhere, and it’s really shaped how the industry, and your career, looks now.

To name a few of the big ticket items, dropped like it was hot, on the industry:

– Internet – everywhere. We love you, wifi.
– Google – taking over the world.
– Devices – resulting in the death of cameras and the birth of apps and responsive web design.
– Social Media – a massive shift for anything and everything to do with communications.

Yep, there literally wasn’t time for a dull moment with all the movement during these past 10 years. You wanted a challenging industry, so good news; you certainly picked an industry that keeps you on your toes.

Where to next?

There’s so much more to reflect on, but that’s a whole other post or at least, you’re calling it a night after a long, long day. So kiddo, for now, it’s TBC…



Patima x